The team has several ongoing collaborations

NTH, AWP & MT have been working for a number of years to implement ultrafast 2D-IR spectroscopy as a user facility at the RCaH. This collaboration has grown to include NPT, with a study of the dynamics and ligand binding of haem proteins and MAW for a combined structure-dynamics study of a bacterial catalase protein.

JDH & NAB have a long-term collaboration aimed at the theoretical simulation of spectroscopic properties of biological molecules. More recently, a collaboration with NTH has begun simulating 2D-IR spectra of proteins, including work on haem systemss that complements studies by NPT & NTH.

PAH & MAW are engaged in a joint BBSRC DLS-funded study of ligand and DNA-binding proteins from a structural perspective. More recently, PAH & NTH have been awarded funding by the Leverhulme Trust to investigate protein labelling strategies for applications of 2D-IR to anti-tuberculosis drug research.

A 12-month PDRA position funded by the Strathclyde Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) and DLS is dedicated to exploiting the combined use of 2D-IR and crystallography to illustrate the potential of this strategy to probe structure-function relationships.

Joint PhD studentships are in place between JDH & AWP (simulations of protein:DNA binding), between NPT & NTH (NO sensing and signalling), between NPT & PAH (Pseudomonas pathogenicity and systems biology) and between PAH & MAW (GntR protein structure with a focus initially on P. aeruginosa GntR proteins).