Kirsty Robb – PhD student funded by a DLS-Strathclyde joint studentship (PAH, MAW) working on the structure and dynamics of GntR proteins

Danny Shaw – PDRA funded by the Leverhulme Trust (PAH, NTH) working on the dynamics of protein-ligand binding

Katrin Adamczyk – PDRA funded by the European Research Council (ERC, NTH) studying ultrafast 2D-IR spectroscopy of biomolecular systems.

Cesar Bellota-Anton – PhD student funded by the University of Strathclyde BBSRC DTG and the ERC studying dyanmics and function of NO-sensing proteins.

Research Complex at Harwell:

Greg Greetham

Ian Clark

Diamond Light Source:

Andrea Gumiero – PDRA funded by a joint KTA REP agreement between DLS and Strathclyde studying the integration of 2D-IR spectroscopy with MX techniques.

University of Nottingham:

Rachel Hill – PhD student funded by the STFC Biomed network studying theoretical simualtions of 2D-IR spectra of biomolecular systems.